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Sheaffer Pen Corporation (ʃeɪfɜː) is a manufacturer of writing instruments, particularly luxury fountain pens. The company was founded by Walter A. Sheaffer in Fort Madison, Iowa, and incorporated in 1913 to exploit his invention of a lever-filling fountain pen. The brand was sold by French company Bic to A. T. Cross Company in August 2014.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on amazon, "The Sheaffer fountain is a real disappointment. The first one I purchased I couldn't get the ink cartridge out of the barrel. Got a replacement & couldn't get the cartridge to insert. I tried gerry rigging with my other Shaeffer pens but they weren't compatible. My other Shaeffer pens (fountain, ball & rollerball are fine. Bad luck - once /Bad luck - twice something isn't right."


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Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"-management is not genuine with you -Clique social environment"

Utility Relocation Technician (Former Employee) says

"I don’t really want to get into the negative things here, but during the interview process, the only question I asked was whether or not the position I was taking was for permanent employment. I was told that Stahl Scheaffer didn’t lay off employees. I asked if my position was temporary for the duration of a project and was flat out told no. When my project was closing up, I had an annual job appraisal. At the appraisal I was told what a great job I was doing and that I exceeded my job expectations but I was going to be laid off when the project was finished. The oldGreat benefitsLying, forgetful management."

Designer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at the office included your usual conversations about life outside of work, interests and completing work for the day. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting the work done we needed to. There is nothing more satisfying than that. When I started, I was right out of college and this was my first taste of the real world job. I learned a lot for being there for 3 years. I just felt that I couldn't grow within the company enough for me to stay. The management was not the greatest, and it is one of the reasons I left the company."

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